When Teachers Become Learners

In the time of pandemic each one of us went through a lot of ups and downs with changing situations. The unpredicted scenarios that occurred due to covid, altogether gave us all a different impact against a number of problems related to our personal and professional lives. The pandemic affected different sectors of the society. Overnight it made the world look for options/methods to follow that were to be different from the ancient’s ones.

Schools, universities, teachers, students, employees, and industries were forced to look for replacements. The ones who never heard of online meetings apps had to conduct classes on it back then. The only choice everyone had was to learn and go with the flow. Our teachers before teaching their students, became digital learners. They fought back against the challenges of the changing media. 

Sooner the classroom turned into meeting rooms and chalk turned into sharing screens. The new age media was not just the teen-gen thing anymore. It is rightly said that there's no age to learn and educate and our teachers so proved it. They not just learnt the new age media, but also changed themselves accordingly.

Here's some major facts that were noticed during the times of corona:

Teachers’ engagement with the students:

The pedagogical method of teaching has been proven to be pivotal. No matter what the platform of teaching it is, in - person, television, radio or online. The teachers will have to keep the students engaged and focused using different methods of teaching. 

Creative Learning: 

During the corona times, our households became the place of learning which did not support a school environment. In that case teachers had to get going with creative ideas of transferring knowledge. Parents got a chance to look forward to their children's learning and growth ideas.

Student - Teacher interaction through technology: 

Teachers opted various methods to make the students understand the lectures by using multiple ways of e - learning. For Example, allowing them to have sufficient time to discuss queries and ask conceptual questions at the end of every call just as they had in, in - person class rooms.

Management of Personal and professional lives of teachers:

Along with managing their own households, teachers were provided with autonomy to schedule their classrooms, curriculum, lesson plans, engagement with the students and handling the administration works.

Teachers side of the view on learning and technology:

Initially it was an impossible challenge to the teachers. Some even felt like switching or quitting their professional lifestyle. Lockdown seemed to be a big challenge to the educational society. Students would not pay attention to the online classes and would rather neglect it.

Things were out of control and lakhs of life were to be in trouble if this wouldn't have stopped. Soon, teachers planned to hold hands along with technology and planned to learn the new era media for better experience and understanding of the students.

Online classes became the new go to options for the upcoming generation. Teachers and students started connecting on emails, chats, and meetings to understand concepts better. Online classes became a better place for studying as students attending this were more focused than the real classrooms.

Teachers became facilitators who would provide assignments, test copies, mock tests on different platforms to make students understand better.

Time and money be saved via online quiz, meetings and interactive sessions. Students had their own perks of learning with time, they had options to record and revise classes to learn with their speed of understanding concepts. Discussions and ideas were easier to share with everyone and modify as well accordingly.

Overall, With the rapidly changing world, the methods and techniques we use simultaneously affect the learning of society. However, for the teachers to truly accept this and create a powerful learning experience for their students. They need to experience and learn the modern age media first. Through their learnings, they will definitely be able to make their students learn better.