Digital Marketing

CoolG is the most powerful solution for all your Digital Marketing needs. We do more than your traditional Digital Marketing Agency whether it comes to increase visibility in search traffic or boosting your sales.


Our goal is always to use the power of communication and distribute engaging content among your audience on social media or increase your visibility on different search engines


CoolG pay per click management expertise helps brands to reach customers using relevant keywords. We work within your advertising budget to get the quality leads.

Email Marketing

Our data-driven approach helps in creating the best e-mailers and choosing the best platforms to trigger mails, which will bring you a quite number of leads for your business.

Search Engine Optimization

At CoolG, we believe to build a strong SEO strategy which does much more than simply drive traffic to a website.

Search Engine Optimization is at the core of a digital presence which needs to be implemented with proper approach and strategy. We have the expertise and rich experience of the industry in Driving audiences to your website at the lowest cost through organic search engine ranking. We help you to build better website experiences by creating responsive, unique, and engaging content that will grow your brand’s visibility online at the local, national, and even international levels.

  •  Boosting Rankings & Search Engine Visibility
  •  Optimizing Site Structure, Keywords & Meta Data
  •  Creating Quality Content On-Site & Off-Site
  •  Building Brand Authority Through Digital PR

Social Media Marketing

Social channels have become an essential part of the marketing mix for your business. Our social media marketing services are proven to accelerate growth in your business.

We accelerate your social media marketing activities by delivering your brand and marketing message as posts, images, video, links, presentations, articles, news, short stories, questions, podcasts, etc. to your prospects. The targeting features of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter advertising make them very suitable to send targeted messages to a segmented target group. We can narrow down your audience by age, gender, residence, education and even personal interests which will help you to find more specific audiences who are looking for your product/services. If you can imagine a segment, chances are that you can access it via social advertising.


  •  Big team & Growing
  •  Experience across industries & Verticals
  •  One stop shop for Strategy, Design & Execution
  •  Tools & Automation
  •  In-house creative team

PPC Management

Paid search (pay-per-click) and other forms of paid digital advertising can be very powerful and lead generators for any business.

Search engines & Social platforms make it very easy to start campaigns, but the building, managing and scaling them profitably can be a time-consuming challenge.
We match every goal to the appropriate channel, message and media budget. Our experts will reduce your Ads costs by testing, targeting search intent highly converting landing pages, and replicating what works while removing all the keywords that only waste your budget.

Our PPC services include:

  •  Business analysis
  •  Monthly PPC budget setup
  •  Relevant keyword identification
  •  Ad copywriting
  •  Bid management and optimization strategies
  •  Regular reporting

Email Marketing

Email Marketing can take your business to another level as Email is the unit of web nowadays. Anyone who is online has an active email address.

Your customer is, more than ever, the key to your business. It is your customer that makes or breaks your service or product. Every contact, before and behind the scenes must be based on a relevant and personalized communication approach and here comes the email marketing where you can send personalized emails with any subject whether it is acknowledgement mail, product pitching or just communication mail.
We enable exceptional experiences for your customers and make sure you get the right results out of it. We will segment your email lists to maximize email delivery and improve open and CTR's. Our creative team will implement strategies and tools to grow your subscribers and get qualified leads which could be your potential customer.